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Updated January 2008                  

The man without fear limited direct edition #1-5
(frank miller limited edition set)
Annual #7 1991
Blade Runner #1
Punisher #2
Wolverine & Punisher
Limited direct edition #1-3
Dr. Strange
Strange Tales #187
Dr. Strange #18, 28, 68
Spider Man
Marvel Tales starring Spider Man #200
Marvel team up Annual spider man and alpha flight
X- Factor #1
Termanatrix objective #2 and 4
Avengers Log #1
Avengers Strikefile #1
The Marvel X Men Limited edition #2 and 3
Hawkeye #1
Sgt. Rock #405, 410, 411
Battlestar Galactica #13
Vigilante #48
X-Files #6
Alpha Flight
No future #1 and 2

I also have

GI Joe #1,
Inhumanoids set #1-4,
Shadow Man #1

the book "Elektra Lives Again" signed by Frank Miller
with original receipt from
Jim Handley’s universe in Manhattan.
Be-Bop, Lounge & Blues
The Beatles
Charlie Parker
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