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state of the arts & culture
I have been a writer since I knew
how to write. I have always liked
poetry but did not give much thought
to becoming a poet. Yet one day at
an open mic, I received the best
response of my career.
SOTAC magazine
(state of the art culture) is a local
publication that promotes the arts
and entertainment community. The
photos are unreal and the fashion
articles are in depth.
Levine Museum of the New South
Charlotte History Museum
an explosion would occur on the outer wall of the building at the moment of impact; planes don't melt or dissolve
Everything happens for a reason.
At times, I can hardly imagine the way most
people view the world. Most feel that tragedy
and negative circumstances are part of some
bad luck accident. But I know better. I know
we are part of a larger plan. I know that the
real war is being waged against our collective
society by the systemic financial elite.
You have two choices, you can join them
or you can fight them.

The Levine Museum of the New South
was part of the inspiration for our  
Freedom vs. Liberty. I
would always walk by it late at night
bouncing from club to club and I think
to myself, "there's probably some
pretty cool stuff in there".
The Charlotte Museum of History
and the Hezekia Alexander Homesite
is a good resource for anyone doing
research on the history of the region
or just curious
about thier surroundings.
Soundboy America
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Really Cool Record Store
record reviews and info
This is a freaking awesome website.
Anyone who loves mail order media
will spend hours searching thier
online music listings. Their store
and base of operations is in
Chicago. If you find yourself there,
it is well worth the visit.
Based out of Brooklyn, NY Dusted Magazine
is one of my favorite online music resources.
They run new reviews on Mondays and
Thursdays, new features on Tuesdays and
Fridays, and new charts on Wednesdays.  
Reviewers live all over the country
and vary in age and background.
It is not physically impossible to cut a
back flip with nunchucks, just very difficult.
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Fellas, I gotta tell ya'
this website needs
more cowbell.
Skip Pulley reviews at