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Natural Elements & Feng Shui
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Contact Skip for details and availability
*Many modern enthusiasts claim that feng shui is merely the practice of arranging objects
(such as furniture) to help people achieve their goals. More traditionally, feng shui is
important in choosing a place to live, choosing a career and agricultural planning.
I offer my services as a feng shui consultant for your lifestyle, career and
personal environment. During the past few years, people have McDonalized or
"McFengShuied" the art to accommodate such concepts as real estate sales and
home staging. This is not only inaccurate but also misleading, as feng shui
reflects the natural elements of the individual.*

Some companies go as far as to offer a feng shui certificate for real estate
professionals. Competition and Materialism go against the premise of personal
and professional harmony. Make your environment work for you, not the other
way around. For a free consultation email me at
or call 704.877.5364 and leave a message.
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