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CatharsisTM, a division of Soundboy Media Group,
is an online retro gallery based in North Carolina.
Catharsis is a Greek word meaning "purification", "cleansing" or
"clarification." After a long contemplation of  reality, I have decided
to sell almost all of my material possessions -
accumulated during 20 years working in the entertainment industry
and living in a dozen apartments on both coasts.
From Charlotte, to DC, to New York, to LA and back to Charlotte -
these items tell half of my life's story.  
Skip Pulley, 2008
My idea of Catharsis was originally inspired by the 1970's revival
of Art Nouveau and my love of Hi Fidelity.
My emphasis is on culture and individual style.
In addition to my personal galleries I also have a mail order catalog
featuring new and used items such as rare books, vintage posters
and postcards, stationery, photographic prints, VHS, rare comics
stereo equipment, tech consignment, home decor,
magazine back issues, pen refills, T-Shirts and vintage vinyl records.
Art Gallery
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Photo Gallery
Capturing a still image is more than
point and shoot. Artistic photography
combines elements of both art and filmmking.
Supporting the local art scene is important
for all forms of artistic expression.
Our online catalog features photo prints,
books, magazines, posters, comics
and writing accessories
At the base of the multi-media structure,
independently published authors and
freelance writers are the foundation.
Literary Magazine
Literary Mag
Are you looking for ink or ink refills?
We have dozens of various refills, cartridges,
bottled ink and pencil led/erasers.
Fine Writing Instruments
Identifying with your natural elements
help to create your own personal environment;
the basis of feng shui
Home Element Gallery
Compact Discs &
Audio Cassettes
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Please visit Catharsis Hip Swag
Please visit Catharsis Hip Swag