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Style Articles - Dressing for the Occasion
Dressing For The Occasion

As regular readers will know, I believe fashion and style can play an important part in one's lifestyle,
and it is always worth making the effort to dress to for occasion - whatever that occasion may be.
Here are just a few hints and tips to ensure that you are always dressed appropriately and look great.

Often, the key is to find out as much about an event as possible before you attend. Hosts are sometimes keen to play
down the formal event and will make something sound like a more casual occasion than it really is. Unfortunately,
this puts you at risk of being under-dressed when you arrive. It can be worth finding out if there's going to be
a sit down meal followed by dancing, or just a small group playing games and watching sports.
The clothing you should wear at each event should differ quite substantially, so it is in your interest to find out
what it is likely to be involved.

Of course, there are some occasions where a certain dress code is a given. At weddings and funerals, for example
wearing a suit is standard attire. On a first date, you will want to look relatively smart, and should consider wearing a shirt
with your trousers or jeans, even to venues where you might usually be comfortable in a more casual sweater.
Save shorts and sandals for a trip to the beach with friends, or perhaps a group picnic.
Of course, your clothes should offer you the opportunity to let your personality shine through,
but you should also learn when to reign in it for a suave and sophisticated style.
When traveling, you should also look to pack at least one outfit for every style occasion,
so that you'll always have something to wear.