Future Projects
In addition to the major studio and independent projects planned for the next few years in the area,
there are also internal projects for Soundboy America and Malchick Films.

The rise and fall of America - A bittersweet drama
Lady Luck - a master theif goes on one more heist
Three Blind Mice - A black & white avant garde drama
Hellgate - a stylish action-comedy about underground boxing
We tried to make a serious run at the Lady Luck project. (2004) The first few days
of screen tests were so encouraging. Even the following weeks of plot
development and script supervision made it seem like we had a hip independent
feature in the works. But as time went on, we got busy doing other projects and the
entire film eventually got put on the shelf. Someone could easily turn this into their
breakout debut film. Estimated shoot time would be 4-5 weeks.
I met Inna Bulayev back in 2002 and I was impressed with her
from the very start. Inna is exceptionally beautiful. She has that
trademark Persian look that highlights her features. However, as
striking as I found her to be, it was always her sense of style that
was so impressive to me. Most of the Russian girls I know have
this automatic sense of fashion. Eastern Europe is still ahead of
the curve when it comes to developing these trends.

Inna has taught me most of what I know about the fashion industry
and has consulted me on my professional image. Before I met
her I used to wear Aeropostale sweaters, pleated khakis and golf
shoes almost every day. That may be a good look for someone,
but not for me. She helped me develop a look for myself, which
eventually transformed into my own personal style.  Developing
your look also creates a persona, which helps to build confidence.
Soundboy America/Malchick Film Projects
There are at least a dozen projects that I will not be able to start production on in the near future for
one reason or another. I am looking to network with hungry and talented writers and directors that want
to contribute to the development of screenplays and graphic novels.

Below is a list of ideal projects that are on the shelf.

Katherine and Alexander - a modern love story (feature film)
The Eyes of God pt.1: My Fathers Kingdom - feature film
The Properties of Steel - Vietnam Drama
The Eyes of God pt. 2: He is there Dead - feature film
Company H - civil war graphic novel (confederate)
Across the Potomac - civil war graphic novel (union)
(*we need illustrators for the demo)
Vendetta pt.1; search for the headhunter - graphic novel/feature film
Vendetta pt.2; Hellbender vs. King Snake - graphic novel/feature film
Vendetta pt. 3; Ashokan Farewell - graphic novel/feature film
Sheila take a bow - feature film
Shake Rattle and Roll - feature film
Soundboy America
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Social Network Snapshots
Production Photo from Lady Luck - 2004
Production Photo from Shake Rattle & Roll - 2005