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the hijacking lie
a Skip Pulley film
I prefer to die fighting
a Skip Pulley film
blood on my hands
a Skip Pulley film
a trifle for elise
a Skip Pulley film
the beginning of the end
a Skip Pulley film
a Skip Pulley film
A short, light piece of verse or music is known as a "trifle". The word also means
"of little importance". When I was directing the conceptual documentary
World Warrior,
one of my goals was to find the most serene piece of music imaginable and set it in
juxtaposition with the most horrific footage ever captured. I think I came very close. The
footage is a combination of newsreel footage of Russian villages reclaimed during the
German defeat in WWII and Russian propaganda films shot during the same period.
Featuring the Beethoven composition
Fur Elise.

Black & White, 3 minutes 16 seconds.
This is a SILENT art film inspired by the Pablo Picasso painting Guernica.
This is not the version that was screened. This is an alternate version created due to a
copyright conflict. I featured a bullfight as the subject because the bull is only mammal
that when wounded, will not retreat or run away to "lick his wounds" so to speak. The bull
has no sense of knowing when it is defeated. The Bull always dies in combat. Even if he
Silent, Black & White, 2 minutes 24 seconds.
This film was my most acclaimed and also the most misunderstood. It was featured in
the conceptual documentary
The Big Takeover. The purpose of the film was the cast
dispersions on the "official" story of what happened on 9/11 as well as on the
misinformation in the so-called "truth" movements; both of which contain glaring
inconsistencies and illogical conclusions that are only explained using straw man
arguments and righteous indignation. The facts, however, do not lie and need no revision.
The infamous flights in question never took off, were not scheduled to fly and basically
never existed. In fact, NO AIRLINERS of any kind took off that morning after 7:30 AM.
Color/Black & White, 5 minutes 38 seconds.
This film still shakes me to my core each time I watch it. I think Robert Oppenheimer
eventually went mad after helping create the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945.
I would love to eventually direct a full-length project on the subject; to explore the reasons
why Germany was not even close to developing the bomb - it's because they had no
intention of ever doing so. Weather you like it or not, indiscriminate mass-murder is a
uniquely Anglo-American trait; Native Americans, African Slaves, etc.
There are still many unanswered questions about WWII, including the so-called holocaust.
I will reserve judgement and leave the issue open for research.
Black & White, 2 minutes 55 seconds.
Malchick FilmsTM is based on the animated motion pictures I made and the
photographs I took when I was a child. On my 11th birthday, I was expecting
a rocky balboa ring set with action figures, including apollo creed. Instead,
my Dad bought me a Minolta XG-A single lense reflex pro camera.
So long, childhood. My Mom had also bought me a really nice art and
stationery set the year before. When I became a teenager, I took all that
stuff for granted. I discovered sports and girls and forgot about the artistic
elements that made me who I was. But looking back now, I actually have few
regrets. My career has come full circle and I still think about sports and girls.

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This film was originally an avant-garde short about Mozart's Requiem. It contained
animation and photographic stills. It received some decent reviews, but I was never happy
with it. When I heard the song, I always pictured in my mind an image of Germany being
blown apart by the Soviets. The German people were forced to suffer for supporting a
political party that was originally financed by Wall St. - a party that was extremely
unpopular until all the other parties were wiped out. It was still a case of admirable self
denial, in that the Nazis blindly punched the German public in the face, rather than
deceive them with the pretense of liberty and the hypocrisy of so-called freedom.

Black & White, 2 minutes 55 seconds.