Premeires, Parties, Events & Nightlife
I chose a few images at
random to demonstrate the
cultural value of evening
activities. Nightlife is not
about being young and
single, (although I suppose
that helps)
it's about putting on stylish
clothes, meeting new people
and unwinding.
Even if it's dinner with friends
or drinks after an event, the
scene is important because
ultimately those you network
with will support your
endeavors as an artist.
If you're ever in
North Carolina and looking
for something to get into,  
e-mail me personally for the
L-Down - I mean the skinny.
Skip Pulley
Soundboy America
New Year's Eve Party at Blonde Cocktail Lounge
Soundboy America
Soundboy Magazine - On the Scene
Sotac Magazine Party at Gilda Lounge
Soundboy America Final Four Party
Soundboy America
has the hottest mix CD's.
Order one for your retail shop,
office, party or event.
What's going down! - 2012
Laura Reed with The Yonrico Scott Band
Two regional favorites, Laura Reed and The Yonrico Scott
Band, join together and will have everybody boogieing down
from start to finish! Hailing from Atlanta, The Yonrico Scott Band,
these members of the Derek Trucks Band: Kofi Burbridge,
Todd Smallie, and Yonrico Scott have combined there talents to
create a sound bursting with smooth compilations and great
rhythms. Laura Reed fills the stage with captivating, soul
shaking, conscious music. The crowd is emerged with lyrics of
truth and a voice of intensity backed by harmonies reminiscent
of the past days of Motown and funk. The roots of her sound
and message stem from Laura's diverse experience of growing
up in South Africa and the American South. The collaboration of
Laura Reed and The Yonrico Scott Band, switches up the music
between funk, jazz, soul and jam.

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