Here is a list of hard to find multi-media.

Compact Disc and digital format
Royal Crescent Mob; Spin the World  
The Seers: Psych out  
The Rollins Band:
Do it  
Circle of Power:
Circle of Power   
Papas Culture: Papas Culture, But...  
Johnny Quest:
The Heisman  
The Darling Buds:
Divine Styler:
Word Power
7A3: Coolin' in Cali  
Follow for now: Follow for now  
Lord Neck: Hold it!!
They might be giants: Lincoln
dovetail joint: 001
papa vegas: hello vertigo
prime minister pete nice: dust to dust
Dream Warriors: and now the legacy begins
Foreign Legion: kidnapper Van

(we have a huge archive of out of print old school hip hop and
alternative on CD. Please contact us for a current list)

The Beatles:
Sessions 75$
The Beatles: Nothing is Real  50$
The Beatles: Dig it  75$
The Beatles: the Starlight Sides 100$
The Beatles: the Lost Lennon Tapes volume nine 75$
The Beatles: BackTrack part two (rare) 50$
The Beatles: The Peter Sellers Tapes 75$

(all of the above Beatle albums contain unreleased materials and
outtakes including a fistfight. These are a must have for collectors.
MJ wont get his hands on these. No pun intended.)

Soundboy Radio Network Playlists
(available on CD or in digital format)
Don't be afraid of the dark: the Nightlife Sampler
The Spin Deisel Series:  
The Break Era & Freak in the Room  
The complete lounge series
The Jump! sides
The underground Hip-Hop series
The chill set
I was in Jr. High
time to catch wreck
ska volume 1-3
How we get down
easy back it up
Heatmiser volume 1 & 2

Motion Pictures
Available in DVD and VHS format
Detroit 9000  
Tombs of the Blind Dead  (original Portuguese)
 La Hane   (original French)
The Black Cat  
Let it Be-The Beatles  
The Horror of Dracula  
 (Roman  Polanski version)  
The Unaltered Zapruder film, B/W  50$
World Warrior 20$ (a Skip Pulley film)

Trading cards
MLB, NHL, NBA, Beatles, Kiss, Comics
please contact us for a current list

199 days; the Battle for Stalingrad  
The Master Mason Book of Chapter Degrees   (yes way)
Lincoln and his Generals  
The Arrogance of Power  
Civil War, an American Iliad  
The Day After Roswell  
Battlestar Galactica   
Elektra lives again (signed by Frank Miller)
The Glint of Bayonets 15$

The marvel super hero series*  50$  (featuring Spider man, Iron man,
Captain America, Sub Mariner, Fantastic Four, Thor and the Hulk)
* remember those old school cartoons that moved one frame at a time?
Star Blazers, episodes 1-12  50$

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Soundboy America