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Freedom vs. Liberty:

converting it into a more easily digestible book.
Set entirely in the state of North Carolina,
this film was a departure from the normal
documentary format.
It encompasses years of progression and
economic growth and social failure,
reconstruction and segregation.
My personal experiences are interwoven with
written history in a narrative format.

Skip Pulley, Soundboy America
observing ego:

observing ego TM is my first published
narrative. I am very excited to present it
as my first major work of literature.
Thank you to everyone who has
supported me and my projects
and I look forward to your honesty,
respect and continued support.
Thank you again,

Skip Pulley, Soundboy America
the big takeover:

The BIg Takeover TM 2006 was a film that helped launch my career.
I am converting it into very extensive book. I understand that most of my fans are
accustomed to reading much shorter narratives
and article formats, so I apologize in advance. However, when the book comes out
please take the time to read it.

Skip Pulley, Soundboy America
Freedom vs. Liberty,
the observing ego, the big takeover
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